Tiger Bill One Handed Roll

Our resident stick technician Tiger Bill removes the mystery from learning to play a one-handed roll in this concise demonstration.


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  1. Make what you want of it. If you don’t care to improve, you can watch it with that attitude. Just knowing whats possible though should allow you to improve. Its why jazz fusion drummers of the 80’s could play stuff that would seem impossible in the 50s and also why Olympic records are broken. You see the current boundaries and it lets you know its possible. Great video.

  2. @Reilly1888 the full lesson is at the drummagazine site, how-to-play-a-one-handed-roll sorry it won’t let me post a link for some reason, but google should find it

  3. I’m not disagreeing, but I have found the "3’s" to be very musical, as some of the videos on my channel demonstrate. They can be phrased as triplets in a swing context (see my "one handed ruff" and/or "Chapin" video), or as syncopated patterns in a straight 8ths context (i.e. my "funky busy cowbell", "soca", or "samba" videos). Of course, anyone proficient in 2’s AND 3’s can do pretty much anything (4’s, 6’s, 5’s, etc.)

  4. the tiger bill tension free drumming technique is derived partly from the moeller technique and also contains some push-pull technique. Either way, the tension free drumming method has definitely helped me to maximize my overall speed over the years and its very practical to apply to every genre of music.

  5. @psychonavigator at what point did I say it was ‘magic’? I’m not a retard… and I am trying to figure it out but I’m looking for tips to do it, not everyone has the skills you seem to insinuate that you posses to just automatically lean it. so that’s why I said the video doesn’t demonstrate anything other than show someone how it looks rather than how to do it.

  6. I will admit that this is awesome but it dosent really teach anything, despite the title, its more of a ‘look what I can do and you cant because your watching this video’ lol

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