Sound Legacy – Will Berman of MGMT

Will Berman of MGMT discusses his first connections with Zildjian. He also goes into detail about his favorite cymbal in his live set-up. Filmed live at The Orpheum Theater in Boston, MA.

Song: Time to Pretend – MGMT


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  1. Skill, alot of times, has little to do with most endorsement cases. At the end of the day zildjian is a business. When considering if they want a paticular person to endorse their product they look at that person’s marketability. Basically how many people are you playing in front of on a day to day or week to week basis. It sucks but thats life.

  2. He doesn’t suck. He’s pretty solid, actually. Also if you want another reason to why he’s sponsored, look into that crowd and how many people. That’s what companies care about when it comes to endorsements and sponsorships.

  3. Will’s an amazing drummer. It’s easy to see, especially if you watch a few of their live performances.

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