Snare and Toms Groove

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This is a short drum set clip from my practice room. Experimenting with new ideas and groove patterns on the snare and toms. Hope you enjoy!

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Lindsay Artkop Proudly Endorses the following companies:

Zildjian Cymbal Company:
Mapex USA Drums:
Evans (D’Addario) Drumheads:
Vic Firth Sticks:
Sweet Spot Clutches:
Switch Kick:…
DrumTacs: #assumecontrol

Mapex Drums:
Maple MyDentity Custom Series, Maple Wood, Red Sparkle Wrap, Red Lugs and Hardware.
Kick: 20” x 16”
Snare: 14” x 8
Toms: 10” x 7”, 12” x 9”, 14” x 14”, 16” x 16”
SKB Hard Shell Roto-Molded Heavy Duty Cases for Drums/Cymbals

Zildjian Cymbals:
14″ Zildjian K Series Hi Hats
14″ Zildjian Constantonople Hi Hats
16″ Zildjian Prototype Fat Hats
22″ Zildjian Dark Complex Ride
22″ Zildjian Hi Definition (Terri Lyne Carrington) Ride
20″ Zildjian K Flat Ride
19″ Zildjian K Hybrid Trash Smash
18” K Zildjian Dark Crash
STACK: 11’ Zildjian Hybrid Splash (bottom) 8” Trashformer (top)
22” Zildjian High Definition Ride
Zildjian 16” Dark K Crash 16” K EFX Eric Harland Hi Hats
Zildjian 20” K Dry Light Ride (bottom) 12” Spiral Stacker (top)

Evans Drum Heads:
Kick: 20” EMAD Clear (Batter), EMAD Reso (Resonant) Snare: 14” Genera HD Dry Toms: 10”, 12”, 14” Black Onyx (Batter) (G1 Resonant) 16″ EMAD
Other heads and configurations used:
Kick: 20” EMAD Clear (Batter), EMAD Reso (Resonant)
Snare: 14” Hydraulic
Toms: 10”, 12”, 14” 16” Black Chrome (Batter) (G1 Resonant)
Hydraulic Red Series
Evans Calftone Series
Vic Firth American Classic Extreme 5A
Vic Firth Signature Series Steve Jordon
Vic Firth American Classic Drumsticks Barrel Tip Wood 5A
Nfuzd Audio NSPIRE Rock Full Pack
Electronic Drum Pad Set with 10 12 and 16 Tom Trigger Pads, 14″ Snare Trigger Pad, Kick Trigger Pad, Hi-hat, two Crashes, and Ride Cymbal Trigger Pads
Pads and Triggers:
Roland OCTAPAD SPD-30-BK Digital Percussion Pad – Black Roland Digital Percussion Pad
ddrum Red Shot Trigger Kit
5-piece Acoustic Drum Trigger Kit with 4 Snare/Tom Triggers and 1 Kick Trigger
Recording Gear/Microphones:
TASCAM US-1800 16-in, 4-out USB 2.0 Audio Interface
Audix DP4 Microphone Pack
Shure SM58
Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone (Textured White)
Sterling Audio ST51 Large Diaphragm FET Condenser Microphone Pair
KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor – Pair
Shure SE215 In Ear Monitors

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 18.0 MP Digital SLR Camera
Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18.0 MP Digital SLR Camera
GoPro Hero4 12.0 MP Ultra HD Action Camera ‑ 4K
GoPro HERO Action Camera ‑ 1080p


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  1. I love the consistency of the hi-hat. You have a really nice balance of feel and precision. Sometimes videos like this just turn into drummers playing beats that no guitarist would be able to play along with but I can easily hear this working in the context of a song. Very nicely done, as always.

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