Slipknot – Psychosocial Drum Cover with Joey Jordison Mask drum play-through

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Eu tocando a psychosocial com a mascara do Joey!!
Ficou massa hein!! hahahah
Essa musica é massaa pra carambaa m/
espero que gostemm vlwww galera 😀
(modulo DM5)
Me playing the psychosocial with joey jordison mask
It was cool huh! hahahah
This song is cool as hell m /
hope you like thanks guys
i’m not joey lolol

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  1. Those small bolts that encircle each drum are there so you can tune them. They sound a lot better when you tune them…give it a try.

  2. If he mastered the tempo and technique as he did with that drum stick flip at 2:35 this cover would be perfect…

  3. Did good brother.. any of these other people talking, let’s see if they got any Drum videos..I’d beat them any day on sum drum least this dudes tryin and 3mill plus clicks haaaaaa got u n me..anyways keep it up my drum brother..never forget music life.

  4. Not another one that does not know you if you know but you do not move the head of pariba and of pabajo

  5. falta swing q ele tem, chimbal e caixa tá muito a quem dele tb e algumas notas fora de tempo ! só uma crítica construtiva e o som tb não está bacana ! escolheu um cara foda de imitar rsrs

  6. I wish I could paly it. Hell I wish I could play anything. I am just a no talent Goon. You rock. Joey is one of my favorites and I am sure he thinks you rock too.

  7. 3,2 M views???? what’s happening?? people with 3 k views are better. I think…. But you really need to improve your drums skills. Its a friend advice to you.

  8. I liked it, yes parts were slightly off beat but this is a difficult song to cover but still good none the less, not perfect but good 8.5/10

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