Regular Hero Ambassador – Make Things Better
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Instagram: @schianooo


Proud Endorser For:
-SJC Drums
-TRX Cymbals
-Regular Hero
-HeadHunters Drumsticks

Need a mix done? Contact Jesse Kirkbride!!!
[email protected]
You won’t regret it I promise!

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  1. Congrats!! U r definitely a hero for encouraging people to follow their dreams and setting a great example. How long unti, u take a pair of scissors to the bottom of the shirt?

  2. Why can’t I be like you! I’m in a middle school band and I play bells, drum set, and piano but I play the drum set the most. I can never play as good as you! Your skills are on point! I can’t wait for next year and play in high school.

  3. Congrats!! Well deserved! It would be an honor if you (or anyone else) checked out some of my covers. I’m open for any advice anyone has 🙂 But once again, keep killin it!

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