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  1. You have an Overdrive and Distorted voice. It is no "Mega Voice" by Yamaha, but with the pitch wheel one still can do some rocking.

    The distortion is done by the build-in DSP. If the DSP is disabled, one can hear the voice which actually feeds into the effect. It is also possible to apply the distortion DSP effect to any other voice.

    But this instrument went out of production some years ago (I bought mine in 2009.)

  2. señores yamahacorporation..tengo un proglema con mi.Portable Grand DGX-630.. el auto acompañamiento no me funciona no me suena cuando lo pongo en etilo y auto acompañamiento pero si sirve el boton del auto acompañamiento cuando lo pongo me marca que esta funcionando pero no me suna por favor diganme que puedo hacer para que suene nueva mente..mi [email protected]

  3. The keys are very much the same except they are shiny (the 640 keys are matte.) But I would still describe them rather half-weighted. A real piano still feels different.

  4. DGX 630 is NOT midi: it has no midi connections.
    This is very important to notice…I think!
    Anything else is good, if you compare its features with its price.

  5. My only heartburn is that some of these keyboards lack authentic sounding Rhodes patches. However they do have some funky clav and organ sounds

  6. did the 630 really had a different sound? coz i thought they have the same sampling, perhaps even improved… could you tell me how the 630 is better in terms of the sound and action/feel of the keys? i’m planning of buying a 2nd hand 630 so i need an honest opinion of someone who personally owned both keybaords.thanks! btw, how much did you buy your old 630? did a brand new 630 and 620 before cost the same price as a brand new 640 now? or were they cheaper back then?

  7. my bad. wasn’t aware of the price of this unit as i never had one. thanks anyway i figure this one’s made of plastic.

  8. I know I’m almost 8 years late lol, but would anyone happen to know the name of the song demonstrated at 1.44-2.09? It’s beautiful. 🙂

  9. yah, I was 9 when I got this for christmas, so I can’t say the price or anything
    but I can say that the sound is much better in the 630 than the 640
    I actually returned the 640 after playing one note :

  10. I recommend this piano to anyone! And with it’s wide range of possibilities there’s room for a lot of fun and productivity.
    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to15fuUYU

  11. Cela fait 3 ans que je possède ce bel instrument, Chaque jour je le découvre, il m’apporte plaisir et satisfaction.

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  13. I am having the same piano ,used for just two months,exellent qauality interested candidate please cont,…rate 1800 saudi riyal,I am from jeddah.

  14. anyone ever heard the song at 1:43? It sound like 4rm an anime or something,im not sure. it sound soulful enough for me.

  15. yamahacorporation gentlemen .. I have a proglema with mi.Portable Grand DGX-630 .. auto accompaniment does not work does not sound when I put in acetate and auto accompaniment but serves the auto accompaniment button when I put my brand that is working but no suna me please tell me what I can do to make it sound new mind .. my mail .. is .. ([email protected])

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