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  1. you bet ill be there! when you first signed with drumeo, i was like YESSSSSSSSSS! because i had just purchased the annual member ship a month or two before haha.

  2. Hey cooper~I’m from malaysia and I play drums~I wish to buy your "You play drums?" T-shirt but how am I suppose to buy?

  3. Can you do a drum cover of the Attack on Titan main theme: Guren no Yumia. It’s a pretty fun song to play, especially on the drums.

  4. I thought there was supposed to be like 7 drumming habits I need to break, or am I missing the point of this guy trying to get non-committal viewers to line his pockets?

  5. You should play "Not Your Way" by Misterwives or one of their songs!! Love your videos, been watching them for years. Thank you

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