Meytal x Singapore Vlog – Part 2/3



MEYTAL ALBUM #2 – Kickstarter Nov 17! Check it out:

PART #1:

More BTS photos here 👉

All music from ALCHEMY by MEYTAL:

I’m here gearing up towards the release of my MEYTAL album #2 Kickstarter campaign on 11/17/17, editing a sick new play through video, and gathering a list of some spacial rewards to show my undying appreciation for your much needed support. While we wait, I figured I’ll share part 2 of the Singapore vlog! hooray!

Some of the hottest days of my life, and that says A LOT coming from someone that grew up in Israel. 
but still, it was worth it and I hope to be back.. if not for the awesome people then for the shopping –  yes, I do STILL despise shopping, but such as myself, the Singaporeans happen to be unusually small people, and the size XXS CAN be found in most stores, and not just in the kids section, which makes me much more agreeable to the whole shopping experience. 

Don’t forget the 11/17/17 Kickstarter launch – I picked an easy date to make it extra easy for you to remember. 🙂



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  1. I would very much love if you would cover Cradle of Filth’s Frost on Her Pillow… Thanking you… And keep up your inspiring work!

  2. Ok, this is dope! I love watching great drummers, but also a virtual tour? Bonus! This is the content I look for on YouTube! Can’t wait for part 3! Thank you!

  3. блин ты один в один Елена Баранова из Мурманска ищи родню в России или Финляндии или в Норвегии )))

  4. サウンドが良い、貴女はシンガポールに演奏旅行?Sounds good, you are a believer traveling to Singapore?良いパフォーマンス。Good performance.次は、日本にも来てほしい。
    Next time, I want you to come to Japan.

  5. You look really tired…. *hugs* I don’t know where you get so much energy to play like that, well I do, it’s from the LORD, has to be…
    hey, not your exact type of music but GIRL drum that one would be awesome!

  6. Just followed your link to find out your working with Sahaj ! OMFG !  I find you and same day rediscover where Sahaj has been , wow , God was good to me today.  For those who are unfamiliar with Sahaj , his band Ra is one of the best in the universe, check em out! Love ya Meytalll. I’m off to support your awesome work.  David Scott

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