Let’s Get Personal ~ Q&A Time!!!

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  1. your playing is amazing… do you read music? but anyway, please do "Middlename" by MxPx… I bet you’d rock it… and oh, greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia…

  2. 14 years? I thought you said it was 12 or 13? Haha
    I’ve been drumming for 13, long time hey, nothing beats a beat ha!

  3. Hey Kristina can you please respond to this I love your vids so much, can you play some more Green Day songs! Maybe welcome to paradise!

  4. Could you please collab with Janick Thibault??? and/or his band Story Untold. You are very awesome, how do you do your music mixes? I see you reference someone who gets you the mixes, but do you know how he does it?

  5. Thanks for reading my question about promoting your channel in school! Gotta respect the hustle! I could see you designing crazy flyers and handing them out to students or people in your neighborhood lol…"YOOOO, CHECK ME OUT, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE MISSING!"

  6. Don’t feel bad, I can’t swim either. I drowned twice when I was little and had to have CPR performed on me, thank you to my mom, who saved my life! In the almost 26 years that I’ve been alive, I’ve saved a few lives, but also cheated death more times than I care to count.

  7. you think you look like crap? you’re pretty fuckin cute. Pls get PO box, stop sending out your address, people are creepy as fuck. (yes i realize the irony) The puzzle thing, i was recently at my grandma’s retirement facility and spent most of my time puzzling with the elderly women there (plus, they started to like me so they started telling their granddaughters about me lol) 6:05 a glimpse into creepy-stalker-y kristina

  8. My daughter is six and took her to a music academy to try out instruments between the piano and drums she said the piano is beautiful but i loved the drums . I started showing her your videos and she loves them She is going to start taking lessons soon and is super excited ,is there any tips you can give her?

  9. Hi Kristina, you are a perfect drummer, organized, you have ideal sound quality, modern technique and very beautiful. I am very interesting about tech details of your videos. I used cool edit very long time ago and now Pro-Tools is very popular. Do you use it? Or any relevant soft? Also do you use any soft that has a realtime recordings with audio and video? Or you record sound first and than you add video? I saw Yamaha monitors, are they good? Do you prefer to KRK? What about video setup do you use go pros and Adobe premier for mixing? I am a musician/songwriter (Guitar-Vocal, Bass, drummer and piano) and have different musical projects. Your experience is very helpful to me. Thank you again for your nice videos and would be more than happy to meet you in real life and have at least 3 minutes jam with you. Good luck!

  10. Hey Kristina, could you do a cover of Priestess – Talk To Her? Or any other Priestess song 😀 Love the video’s! Keep up the great work!

  11. ‘No time for anyone’, oh how many times ive heard that. My boy said the same (also 22), and now we live together ;P

  12. I thought you were gay bc you dressed tomboyish. I used to dress like that is the only reason why I questioned it. I am kind of sad you aren’t. But I love watching your videos. I tried drumming when I was younger and I realized I am not that coordinated. lol. God bless and can’t wait to see more.

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