Kyle Abbott – Escape The Fate – The Webs We Weave (Drum Cover)

14 years old from Seaford, Virginia!
Me playing The Webs We Weave by Escape The Fate!
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Equipment Used

Sabian Cymbals
14″ AAX Studio Hats
16″ AAX Dark Crash
14″ AAXplosion Crash
16″ AA Metal-X Crash
21″ AAX Memphis Ride
16″ Paragon Crash
16″ B8 Pro China
12″ HHX Evolution Splash
10″ (Badly Broken) AA Metal-X Splash

PDP CX Drums
10″,12″,14″, and 16″ toms.
14″ PDP X-Snare
14″ Main Snare Atomic
6″,8″, and 10″ Roto Toms.
22×20 Bass Drum.

Remo Pinstripes on all toms.
Remo Powerstroke 3 on both snares.
Remo Powersonic on bass drum.

Pearl Hardware (except one mapex crash stand, PDP stock hi-hat stand, and PDP stock ride/tom stand)
Pearl Demon Drive Eliminator Double Bass Pedal

All LP percussion (including 7″ Ice Bell on stack.)

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  1. hella nice cover man. i’m currently recording a backing track to the webs we weave for the lead and rythym guitars (i’m in the process of mixing it for stereo sound and syncing the video). if your interested in doing a collab-cover and a dual video lemme know and ill mix something up

  2. I have the same drum set. and is that a remo powerstroke 3 on that other snare? i have that head. hahaha. Pearl Vision kit right? haha i got the same one

  3. Sick cover, sicker song.

    Get used to wood chips if you’re a drummer and don’t sweep or vacuum once a week.

    Seriously though, good cover.

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