Kickport NAMM 2011

It’s been a whirlwind three years for the folks behind Kickport, the bass drum port that has captured the imaginations of drummers worldwide. The company introduced ports for snares and toms at the 2011 NAMM Show, attempting to piggyback on the intense buzz created by their original model. We definitely will watch to see if drummers embrace the new models with quite the same gusto as Kickport 1.

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  1. i cant afford a kick port my dad wont buy me one when i ask him for it he says get a job. ur 17 i started working around 14 years old mowing lawns. im like ok dad.

  2. make a game: play the same snare with normal head and than with this kickport. I really don’t hear great difference at now!!!

  3. Ummm I think ocdp had the same idea with their vented snares pal… Except, the holes were in the shells… Where they belong. I don’t like dampened heads with holes in them.

  4. This might work great for a cocktail kit, where sympathetic resonance between the top and bottom heads of the main drum can sometimes present a problem.

  5. This should be how these videos go.
    Hi I’m with ________
    This is our _________, made with_________
    then you play the thing.
    That’s what I want to know, how it sounds. Not why you think that I should have it. In the end it all comes down to the sound.

  6. @forzaitalia5910 did you play it with the d port on the batter or the reso? i am curious to hear your opinion about it… i would assume that it would have a nice affect on the floor toms if you put it on the reso head similiar to the kick… please share… thanks

  7. The snare with the 2" hole, I actually kind-of like the sound of it: sounds like a processed electronic snare.

    overall, the idea of these things is, in most cases, useless. However, after hearing that… I may want to invest in one for a side-snare effect.

    Those things will not touch my toms or my main snare though.

  8. anyone actually try it at the namm show? i would probably try it on the floor toms but the reso side not sure about the batter side….. what about the snare… please give feedback

  9. It looks stupid, but I tried it and it really does sound good. I can put them on my snare and I get that fat puchy sound like aaron gillepie. I probably wont ever use them live, but in the the studio they work great to get puncy warm tones.

  10. I might try this out, I’m always putting tape on my resonant heads and this sounds like a better alternative

  11. meh…it’s cool but I dont think it’s that innovative…..Aquarian does the porthole….not much different

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