K Custom Special Dry – Hendrik Lensing – Playthrough

Zildjian Artist Hendrik sits down to play our new K Custom Special Dry Collection with a performance of “Where is the genius“ by Filou featuring Monotronix!

Learn more about the K Custom Special Dry Collection: http://bit.ly/2l4EH06

Hendrik’s setup (from left to right):
△16″ K Custom Special Dry Crash http://bit.ly/2k4CkcJ
▽16″ A Avedis HiHat http://bit.ly/2lzXDDV
20″K Custom Special Dry Crash http://bit.ly/2k4FXiE
21″ K Custom Special Dry Ride http://bit.ly/2kBx2s7
18” K Custom Special Dry Crash http://bit.ly/2k4Ek4x
17” K Custom Special Dry Trash Crash http://bit.ly/2kBcEaA


Recorded at at The Satellite, Cologne, Germany
Video Production by Julian David
Recorded and mixed by Julian David http://www.juliandavid.org
Mastered by Alex Kloss http://www.alexkloss.de


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  1. outstanding track, I love it alot.
    Although 15 seconds of chops just isn’t enough for me. Pockets are for jeans

  2. Beautiful playing, progressive and interesting song, and wow… The clarity on this recording is especially outstanding!

  3. The control on this guy is insane. I couldn’t handle playing with that much restraint. Crushed it sir.

  4. Thanks a lot for this beautiful masterpiece, you made my day, I’ll keep listening to it for long time for sure

  5. Супер композиция , потрясающий исполнитель !!!!! Браво !!!!

  6. Whoooooooooooo!!!!! I Love his pocket and how he SAVED his chops for Later..Mature professional drumming

  7. see, now zildjian is starting to understand what "dark and dry" actually means.
    constantinoples are still annoyingly bright and a customs are unplayable though

  8. Gorgeous song, and beautiful playing, but the cymbals seem BURIED in the mix on my system..?
    I know those cymbals sound amazing from listening to them on other sites.

  9. A superb demonstration of these cymbals and playing. Job well done to the whole production team and artist for coming together on this one! 👍

  10. You cant really hit anything at normal hitting strength ot it sounds like a trash can

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