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  1. does anyone know if for the "50 men and children…" part if he is just playing a c# half diminished or is there one more chord before it goes back to the one? and either way the lick over that is AMAZINGGGGGG

  2. Holy God! How th fuck can music be so outstandingly good!?!

    If anyone has a link to the tabs of this precise version, please tell me.

  3. The reason this song is so killer, you just don’t see a 1 guitar song very often, then with 2 drummers!!! = KILLER! ……..Bogie Bowles is/was Joe’s regular drummer (at that time) is kick-A and the OTHER drummer with the hat is Anton Fig, the drummer from the David Letterman show. More bands should use the ‘dual drummer’ technique more often. I think it keeps a single drummer from just having to hammer so hard for "filler and voids" and really lets them relax more & get in the groove of it all.

  4. Bogie Bowles + Anton Fig’s Drumming+Carmine Rojas playing bass+ Rick Melick playing keys+ Joe Bonamassa’s ridiculously amazing playing and music= one of the best concert and concert videos/soundtrack ever!

  5. @steveyweveh Bogie Bowles and Anton Fig, and you’re right, they are solid. Bogie just quit the band and from what I’ve read Anton is going to be taking his place on Joe’s tour.

  6. This was not only a smokin great cover of this song from the late great Charley Patton, but also the most superb acoustic guitar arrangement that i’ve ever seen performed live. Bonamassa is the real deal.

  7. This never fails to lift me up because, yes, I was there. Best gig I have ever been to. Astounding atmosphere

    Amazing night and it never fails to astound me that many people still say "Joe who??"

  8. This is the best version I have eve heard. The drums are awesome. Lenny Castro is usually my favorite, but this rocks.

  9. I can’t stop listening to this, it’s so fucking awesome, especially with 2 drummers, especially love the ending with just the drums

  10. This is what a million hours of practice and a love for the music sound like….awesome! Saw them last Friday and the hair on my neck is still standing up.

  11. Am I going absolutely insane or is this a completely different song that people keep mislabeling as being a Charley Patton cover? I mean, the lyrics are completely different, the music is completely different…

  12. Fantastic drum with an acoustic may not have been the best choice, but sound engineer and masterful pros made this one amazing.

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