Drum Solo #6

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Watch as he performs this drum solo for you!
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  1. yah this isnt really anything amazing, agreed with nerdzkandy. its just a guy with brushes, anybody with a skill of playing drums could easily do this. 1 star

  2. I’m not a drummer and don’t particularly like this, but I can certainly recognise the skill and notice at least some of the variety in technique .

  3. Sometimes it isn’t about speed and licks that makes a solo a solo. Sometimes it’s just about making drums speak… Great work!

  4. retard, dude i didn’t say he wasn’t talented, i like his other drumming just not this style, don’t try and change my taste in music, its all in my personal opinion and no i don’t like just rock n punk thanks you very much.

  5. Playing dead? Did you take english class? See that little mark? Its called a comma.

    I could argue back and insult you with no knowledge of who you are like you did to me, but whats the point? That would be just silly and childish woudnt it?

    Hey if it makes you happy, you win, your right, this video is awsome, you know loads more about drumming than i do, im just an idiot who knows nothing. That make you feel good?

    Hey il even let ya have the last word.

    Enoy mate, im off out.

  6. I have been drumming since 1969 and played in many performing bands and recorded many times in studios. You? Have you ever played for hire, in front of live crowds, studio work, every play with brushes? Can play jazz, rock, big band, swing, funk and so on? No you can’t so shut shut up.

    I watched this video and saw at LEAST 20 cool techniques, some I knew some I didn’t.

  7. "Bonham’s solos had everything in it"

    How is that relevant? By the way little girl John Bonham never used brushes.

    Bonham Quote: "Brushes..? Nah. Hit ’em as hard as you can," from the book, "Thunder Of Drums", by Chris Welch & Geoff Nicholls.

    ""I can get an absolutely true sound. It hurts at first, but the skin soon hardens and now I can hit a drum harder with my hands than with drum sticks."

    Obviously brushes lent their self more to Jazz and other styles of music than Rock.

  8. You are such a retard man. That solo was awesome. Expand your musical tastes. It’s not just punk rock dude. There’s much more to drumming.

  9. I hate how ALL other instruments can be played slowly and expressively, and the crowd goes WOW that was beautiful, but for some reason that’s never the same with drums. Sucks, because I really enjoyed this solo.

  10. First Mike Michalkow is a professional drummer (search his name in youtube). This Vid shows all kinds of techniques and sounds with brushes on the kit.

    "160calories" see his page. LOL! 12 yr old. Says hes 28? Punk
    "this isn’t bad because the lack of rolls or double bass" WTF?
    "same thing for 4 minutes." Wrong Idiot
    "Bonham’s solos had everything in it" Again WTF?
    "this is just a showcase of how brushes play" Just? Do play any instrument besides the skin flute boy? No shut up.

  11. "Yes I have played live, in studio"

    Well that’s better than playing dead? Your an idiot kid and say stupid things. Grow up. Can’t say something nice shut up. And "studio" does not mean your mommies garage. LETS see you post your playing.

    NOT MY CUP OF TEA….. fine that is not what you said. Did you notice the hi-hat foot technique? No, because you don’t know anything.

    "same thing for 4 minutes" Have you played music really? It’s called an "ostinato" and music are patterns REPEAT.

  12. at first I thought I wouldn’t like that one but as it went on it got more interesting, the end kind of disappointed me, though. great drummer and great solo.

  13. lol dude, people can say whatever it is they want,

    if people dont like the solo, then it doesnt matter if they know how he plays or not

    knowing how someone plays shouldnt influence the sound of the solo

    he has skill ofcourse, just this solo doesnt do him justice

    in my opinion

  14. actually, this isn’t bad because the lack of rolls or double bass, its just the same thing for 4 minutes. Bonham’s solos had everything in it, this is just a showcase of how brushes play

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