Double Bass Beats – Drum Lessons

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This video lesson covers six popular double bass drum beats. Assuming you’ve already gone through the double bass warm-ups, these beats shouldn’t be too difficult to master. Focus on keeping both feet playing at the same volume, and keep everything synced up with the hands.
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  1. @InnerVision115 im just sayin every drummer ive seen, known , and heard have never ever used music. i just listen to a song and i play it.

  2. Dave, these exercises have helped me tremendously, to all who are trying these, remember you must start slow then build up your speed!!

  3. @bondonkid101 if your just fluttering away with your ankles youll never get a good sound out of your bass and your bass will fade away into the rest of the sound and wont be heard. It sucks, but you gotta learn how to lift up your legs and just push em out, unless youve been doing heel down…in that case I would suggest playing with leg weights to build up some muscle to really push the notes out

  4. I find the Bass beats for "We come out at night" and "Forgotten Faces" extremely difficult.
    Seriously, listen to those songs.

  5. Thanks for the free lessons, eh! Been a big help for me to get the hang of DB playing after 30+ years of playing Single Bass. It’s challenging but I haven’t been this excited about playing in a long time.
    So, thanks again, eh. Take off you hoser’s!

  6. i have a question man. i feel way more comfortable when i play my double bass patterns by using my ankles rather than lifting up my whole leg to play the drum. i have never seen a drummer play the drums like i do. is this bad news for me? :/

  7. @starfox878 I don’t use music almost ever either…but obviously you’ve never seen solo drummers or drummers that are part of an orchestra or band like an orchestra where you have to use music

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