Clavinova CVP – Styles

Increase your enjoyment of music with a piano that actually makes playing easier and more fun.
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  1. В чем прикол? Чувак нажал одну кнопку и втыкает, по оно само играет… Не лучше ли послушать радио или CD? Инструмент очень дорогой – явно не для того, чтобы по кабакам играть – покупают для души….

  2. I do not like the "New" Yamaha Clavinova as they are too complicated than the ones in the earlier years. I had found one that is so simple and still loaded, but the new ones are complicated. I also wished that they would add a color touch screen, like you would see on Korg, Roland, Wersi and Kawai digital home pianos.

  3. I wanted one so I went to stores,online…etc…I almost fainted!..The high prices of these are totally ridiculous!!!

  4. I have one. Lots of good stuff but MUCH MORE bullshit mechanical sounding stuff. Impossible to learn everything. The demo DVD is a "joke". Thanks Yamaha. For NOTHING.

  5. The instructional DVD’s are awful. I wish there were more SPECIFIC ideas on how to play some of the things he’s doing. Seems like he is just playing a concert for us. I can get that anywhere. Why does he have to "show off". It’s absolutely no help to me. Come up with better instructional videos.

  6. I hate when Yamaha is coming with new digital pianos every year. You buy one then they come with another one better then yours and you realize that you cannot do with your keyboard what others can do. After couple years your keyboard is worth almost nothing because of newer versions. Plus a keyboard like this is more for professionals because it takes forever to learn all features. Geeeeee!

  7. I originally had a Tyros4 which was very good but I trained on piano so I purchased a Clavinova CVP505 I was so impressed I upgraded to a CVP509 which is magnificent. Well done Yamaha it is my pride and joy.

  8. Hi
    I wan to ask something! I have buy a Yamaha Clavinova CVP 503 and I need the ETHEREAL SYNTH drums -like this video in 7:50 minutes!
    Is included this style in my Clavinova or can I buy this style?

  9. Thanks for all these demonstration videos. I am gonna buy CVP 609 and these are increasing my passion before the piano comes.

  10. Oh dear, it all sounds very american 🙁 Want better examples than this that all sound like they’re being played in some cheesy yank lounge bar.

  11. Hmmmm? Nothing cheesy about this, the American bars that I visit don’t play such lovely music.

    I just wish I could play 1/20th as well as this guy.

  12. OK. I’ve has this for a few months now. It’s STILL IMPOSSIBLE to program. What this "guy" is saying is "all" bullsht. I’m trying to find someone who will give me "in home" instruction. Can Not. Where I bought it from?? They can’t either. I guess this is what I get for being a college graduate. PS – Oh yes – for 8 0r 9 $G , you should see the bench that comes with it. It’s NOT the one you’re seeing here!! It’s sort of re-inforced cardboard. Thanks Yamaha.

  13. Sorry, Intro and Ending is Shit. You don’t nead that. Play yourself, this is mutch better. I dont like it when a machine is playing. An if i nead one key accomp, on my left hand, i never by a Clavinova CVP for  +- 4000 5000 €. All the peaple thay can play ..Piano, Keyboard CVP what ever are blamed from you. We learn 10 years are more, and you destroy it in one clip. You are a very goed player, you don’t nead that. Profit from Acomp on CVP, an play a second instrument with your left hand, while you play at least 3 keys to give Accord information to the computer, and then you make from your CVP a Band are a Orchestra. That is the reason why i play CVP are Tyros. Peaples lissent to musicians becose thay think thay playing himself, and not becose thay push a button, and the machine is playing. Sorry KHD

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