Alesis – M1 Active MK3 – Premium 5″ Studio Monitors

The M1 Active MK3 studio monitor utilizes a beautiful new 5-inch aluminum woofer that is lighter and stiffer than typical carbon-fiber, paper or glass-Aramid woofers, giving the MK3 an even faster transient attack and more linear response through the bass and midrange. Additionally, a precision-designed waveguide provides high-frequency dispersion in a well-controlled, predictable pattern. This ensures a widened listening “sweet spot”—even well to the side (“off axis”) of the speaker—while at the same time preventing random scattering of the sound. The smoothly radiused “aerodynamic” cabinet edge prevents objectionably-audible artifacts from edge diffraction and the flared front-firing bass ports eliminate distracting port turbulence from the speaker’s bass output.

With M1 Active MK3 studio monitors, you can listen, mix, and create with complete confidence that you’ll get the most accurate sound. The M1 Active MK3 monitors feature a wide frequency response (from 55-22 kHz, ±3dB), so you can hear all the music with the lifelike realism demanded by today’s music. The M1 Active MK3 also features a Class A/B 45-watt LF amplifier/20-watt HF amplifier for smooth, “gutsy” performance and generous headroom compared to ordinary “digital” amplifiers. Additionally, the balanced XLR+1/4” combo input allows for complete hookup flexibility for all of your favorite studio equipment.

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  1. I have the Mk2 and love them to bits. I wish I could bring them on acoustic gigs but sadly they have no protection for the systems.

  2. Alesis is making the best products. they really keep it real with everything they do. please never change that. all the synthesizers and the samplepad/samplerack , your monitors etc are excellent products and really what we need. The hardware quality is excellent and the price/quality ratio is super good. i’ve never had an alesis product that disapointed me ever! and i regret every selling of alesis products, i should have never sold my beloved qs 6.1 or the microverb or the drumset i used to own. i had to because of money issues but i would never do it again! just high quality products, and no i’m nit paid by them. i just love their constant quality and approach to create really usable products that last long and stick to their classic alesis design. Keep going! you are doing everything right, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Alesis does it all so good. drumstuff, studio equipment and even their synthesizers like the ion/micron are ridiculously good synthesizers. Really an outstanding company. Thank you for all the good products you made so far without overprizing or doing cheap plastic shit like others do.

  3. The MK3’s look interesting aesthetically…but at this price point,I am certain that the amps are under-powered and noisy.65 watts total?That’s pretty sad.Alesis really went to shit,when they were bought out by Numark.Alesis went from a respectable pro level company,to some low rent DJ company…how utterly pathetic.

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